Monday, October 29, 2012

Tomarata Show Day 2012

Show day was a BIG success
There where were lambs,calves, gardens, gardens sculptures and caged pets.the stolls were brilliant,we thought Nicky and Jen's sherbet was the best.Here are some result from room 6

CAGED PETS                                    LAMBS
1st: Felicity Redwood                        SENIOUR LEADING                            
3rd : Sean Keven                            
                                                          2nd: James Logue
TECHNOLOGY SCULPTURE        3rd: Luke Stevens
1st: Larssia Came
2nd: Joseph Gorden                            SENIOUR REARING
3rd: Rebecca Keven
                                                           2nd: James Logue
1st: Michela McCracken             
1st: Cara Doggett
2nd: Rafe Macdonald
3rd: Mattew Avery 

Congratulations to all those people

cross country

on the 24th of october 2012 we all particapated in inter school cross countryat Parkiri school. It was a hot, sweaty, sticky day. as we all ran, no one was left out and everyone had to particapate and run. even the people who didn't want to run had to run. there was lot's of food like drinks, dounuts and sauges. that day was one of inter school sport. at he end of the day we had prize giving for everyone that came 1st, 2nd and 3rdand then we went back to school.

Cricket Mentoring

Albows back, step forward and swing. At least that's what they told us. my bat collides with a loud crack
shooting the ball straight into the tight grip of Joseph's hands. A couple more rounds of this and the team will be out.  My head drops in disapointment. Before I know it we're fielding. A big smack sends me running.
As I jump to catch, the ball slips between my fingers like a bar of soap. I can't wait untill next time they come.                                                                                                                                                                        

By Oskar & Joseph

Show day

Showday was a big success with all stalls running everybody had a great time. the lambs where so cute as for the calfs they where so good. All the sculpturs where good I can't beleave the judges made up theire minds. So caged pets they all looked really cute. So many gardens Lisa came 2nd all of the gardens are really good thank you for supporting us. Our camp will cost less thanks to you. 

Monday, August 27, 2012

Tomaratians clip their noodles for brave kids

On Saturday the 25th of August Simon Drinkrow, Mike Stevens, Ty Stevens, Rafe Macdonald and Tamsyn Farr shaved off their hair for cancer. Cancer effects thousands of people world wide and we think it is a very worthy cause. So far we have raised over $1000 and the number keeps rising. There is still a donation bucket in the Tomarata school office, the lotto shop and the Mangawhai optometrists if you would like to donate. To keep the most hair we could Ty tied her hair into bunches which were chopped off by Rafe Macdonald, Carol-Ann Stevens, Mike Stevens, Tamsyn Farr and Lynn Duffin. We would like to thank everyone for your support and would like to give a special thank you to Sean Pearson who did the clipping.

Ty Stevens, Rafe Macdonald and Tamsyn Farr

Friday, August 24, 2012

Tomarata School Mathex

On Friday 17 August, Yr 4-8 students competed in the Tomarata School Mathex Problem Solving competion. Students had an enjoyable day. There were many exciting competitions including 3 tie breakers among the 5 year levels.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Room 6 Worm Farm

On Wednesday the 25th of July Room 6 made their very own worm farm. It was very dirty work. Everybody worked very hard on it. First we were split into groups and assigned jobs.
The jobs were:
*Cutting up the food
*Collecting the worms
*Ripping up the paper
*Setting up the worm farm
After we completed our tasks we put everything together.We started by placing the netting on the bottom of the bath tub, and then we placed in the soil. After that we put in the ripped paper and then we placed in the worms .Then placed a pile of food on each set of worms and put cardboard on top so the worms didn't get too hot. Now we are feeding them every week so we can have our very own organic fertiliser for our garden.

By Holly and Nicky

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Moari men

In room six we made Maori men out of recycled material. First we got old newspaper rolled and folded them in half to make the right shape. For the head we scrunched up newspaper and then put and flat piece of newspaper over it. We used wool and fluff for hair. Some people made spears and poi's and also bags. Some made made there people men and some made there people women. There was also feathers been used and little green stones made.

Maori Figures in Room 6

Recently in Room 6 we have been busy making maori figures. We started by making our bodies, we did this by rolling newspaper into rolls and then folding them into legs and arms. After everyone had finished we painted our figures and let them dry over a few days. When they were all dry we started to make our dolls come alive. We did this by making clothes and also hair. After a couple of days of hard work our dolls were finished and they look amazing. Mr M took photos of them and now we have named them and wrote descriptions about them.

By Holly

History of NZ topic study

In Room 6 at Tomarata School we have been studying the history  of New Zealand. In this topic we have looked at the treaty of  witangi, how captain cook discovered New Zealand, the National Anthem and how to visit a marae. To help us understand some aspects of this topic we have had a hangi and learnt how to build one, we made traditional maori bread  rewena bread, our class has also made maori figures out of news papper and other materials. This was to help us understand the traditional maori dress and the difference between what a male and a female would wear. This week the whole school is going to visit a marae. this is just a sample of the work that we have done and are going to do to complete this topic.

By Ty Stevens